GVC Metaguide

"A Guide to Guides of Global Value Chains"

Søren M. Borch
Engineer M.Sc., and Business economist Ph.D.
Business innovation consultant, adviser in sustainable value chains
ConDiv, www.condiv.dk.

The GVC Metaguide was compiled for DDRN (Danish Development Research Network), notably for its Global Value Chains in Business and Development Working Group.
It was presented at the DDRN GVC conference, 24-25 May 2011.

The present guide is a metaguide, i.e. a guide to guides. The domain of the guides is global value chains used for development in developping countries.

The Metaguide combines a Report, a Reference database and a Glossary database:


The Report gives recommendations on choice of value chain guides for various types of users
and for frequent themes. It also brings statistics and analyses based on the sampled value
chain guides.

The Report was published by DDRN in 2012 as a DDRN publication.

You can download the Report from:
- Report-GVC-Metaguide-DDRN-May2011.pdf.

Reference database

The reference database gives access to searching, sorting, filtering, and analysing the sampled guide references, categorised according to a number of criteria on demand by potential users.

You can download the Reference database:
- References-GVC-Metaguide-SorenBorch.xls, Excel-format that allows the above mentioned functionalities, and also offers supplementary notes.
This database is too ample for offering in a pdf-version.

The Reference database has been copied to supplementary formats by associated professor Arne Wangel at DTU (Danish Technical University). These copies contain further references in standard reference database formats, ready for download, but without much of the functionality from the excel-version:
- Generic RIS format, can be imported by a number of reference manager softwares, including the freeware Zotero at zotero.org, which works with the Firefox browser
- RefWorks tagged format, can be imported by RefWorks only, available at refworks.com.

Glossary database

The glossary database covers concepts and acronyms related to organisations and themes from value chain development.

You can download the Glossary database in different formats:
- Glossary-GVC-Metaguide-SorenBorch.xlsx, Excel-format that allows supplementary functionality and also offers supplementary notes
- Glossary-GVC-Metaguide-SorenBorch.xls, Excel 97-2003 format
- Glossary-GVC-Metaguide-SorenBorch.pdf, PDF-format that is easily accessed by most users.

Summary and User manual

A Summary and a User manual on how to use the Metaguide can be downloaded here:
- UserManual-GVC-Metaguide-SorenBorch.pdf.

Presentation from conference

A brief introduction to the GVC Metaguide is given in the the presentation from the DDRN GVC conference 24-25 May 2011:
- Conference-GVC-Metaguide-SorenBorch.pptx, PowerPoint version with animation.
- Conference-GVC-Metaguide-SorenBorch.pdf, PDF-format that is easily accessed by most users.

Document versions from www.DDRN.dk

The versions used at the time of the conference in May 2011 can be downloaded from:
- DDRN-GVC-Metaguide-documents.