ConDiv and Søren Borch

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ConDiv, short version

Consultant and process facilitator:
- Creativity and innovation
- Efficient group processes and meetings
- Product, strategy and organization development.

Development adviser:
- Value chains in development in Africa and Latin America
- 3 x sustainable business (economy, social, environment).

ConDiv™ is a one-man consultancy firm that helps customers initiate and implement development projects. ConDiv has been active from 1994.

ConDiv is owned by Søren Borch who is an engineer and economist and has 35 years of professional experience as consultant, international development adviser, industry manager, teacher and university researcher.

ConDiv was passiv from 2005 to 2009 while I was stationed in Central America:

Guatemala and Honduras May '06 - May '09

I was stationed 3 years as Danida adviser in Guatemala:

  • Adviser for small and medium-sized businesses and NGOs
  • Danida's Regional Programme for Environment and Sustainable Development in Central America
  • Focus on Guatemala and Honduras

Honduras Sept '05 - Febr '06

I started my professional career in Central America as adviser ½ year for Nepenthes in Honduras:

  • Sustainable tourism
  • Adviser in commercialisation
  • Micro-enterprises NGOs

Value Chains in Africa

I have facilitated the use of value chains as a means of development in the private sector.

Niger and Burkina Faso, May'13.

One week teaching in Niger, one week business visits in Burkina Faso, and 1 week workshops in Niger. The 20 participants from Niger are involved in the development programme PASR supported by Denmark in Niger. Furthermore coordination with local partners, and homework to develop the material. I was working as a subcontractor for COWI.
See material and programme (in French).

Mali and Morocco, Dec'11 and Jan'12.

First 2 weeks facilitation and workshop in Mali (December 2011) and then 2 weeks business visits in Morocco (January 2012). The 31 participants (2 groups) came from the Danish development programmes PASAM and PAPESPRIM in Mali. Furthermore a field visit to identify partners, and a lot of homework to develop the material. I was working as a subcontractor for COWI.
See material and programme (in French).

Evaluation of a value chain programme in Ethiopia

In November 2011 I spent 2 weeks in Ethiopia together with two colleagues doing a post implementation review for the Dutch Embassy.

The BOAM programme of SNV is a fascinating development programme based on a broad approach to the use of value chains and subsector development.

A Guide to Value Chain Guides

I have compiled a metaguide to value chain guides for DDRN (Danish Development Research Network), notably for its Global Value Chains in Business and Development Working Group.

The guide is a metaguide, i.e. a guide to value chain guides. It combines a report, a reference database, and a glossary database. The report gives recommendations on choice of value chain guides for various types of users and for frequent themes. It also brings statistics and analyses based on the sampled value chain guides.

Download from Metaguide documents.


I have contributed with advise and teaching for artists for them to become business consultants.

I also contributed to the sustainability of the concept with analyses of strategic possibilities.

Africa50 conference

Søren ansigt

"Commercial conditions in Africa and their influence on the development of Africa"

Friday 24th September at Geografisk Institut, Københavns Universitet, 10 AM to 5:30 PM.
Conference programme

My presentation titel was "Sustainable business and quality in value chains - Management in the developing world".

My presentation can be downloaded here.