ConDiv and Søren Borch

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ConDiv, short version

ConDiv™ is a one-man consultancy firm that helps customers initiate and implement development projects.

Consultant and process facilitator:
- Creativity and innovation
- Efficient group processes and meetings
- Product, strategy and organization development
- Improvisational theatre
- KreaCoach training and KreaTool.

Development adviser:
- Value chains in development in Africa and Latin America
- 3 x sustainable business (economy, social, environment).

Søren Borch

ConDiv is owned by Søren Borch who is an engineer and economist and has many years of professional experience as consultant, international development adviser, industry manager, teacher and university researcher.

See further details in Søren's LinkedIn profile.

ConDiv's life cycle

2013-202x The passive years.

2009-2013 Value chains in Africa and some classical ConDiv jobs.

2005-2009 Advisor in Central America for Danida.

2001-2005 The mature years.

1996-2001 De golden years of development.

1994-1995 The first years.